Adastral Park


An outline planning application has now been submitted to Suffolk Coastal District Council for the proposed development.

The site has been identified in the adopted Suffolk Coastal District Core Strategy and Development Management Policies Local Plan as a sustainable location to provide approximately 2,000 new homes.

The planning application is in accordance with the Council’s policy for this site and seeks to take on board the constructive comments provided during our three month consultation process.

Technical evidence to demonstrate that the proposals are acceptable in terms of highways, visual amenity, landscape, environment, green infrastructure, lighting and drainage strategies are included within the supporting documentation for the planning application. The full application can be viewed on SCDC’s website and key documents are available below:

Non Technical Summary (986KB)

Planning Summary (1.7MB)

Design and Access Statement (DAS) (20.2MB)

Transport Assessment (105.3MB)

Subject to planning permission, the development would take place in individual contained phases, each of which would be subject to a detailed planning application and further consultation, enabling local residents and stakeholders to provide comments and feedback. The estimated outline phasing plan anticipates phase 1 taking place between 2018 and 2022. This would include 450 homes, the main green infrastructure area around the lake, the primary local centre, appropriate education facilities and enhanced landscaping along the southern and south eastern boundaries of the site. Phase 2 is likely to progress 2022 – 2025.

This is proposed to include and be serviced from the new primary access onto the A12 which will link to then completed phase 1 and be made up of 500 homes. Phase 3, closest to the eastern boundary of the site is not expected to commence until 2025 with completion in 2032. All construction work to buildings will be taking place within the site and behind the existing and maturing improved landscape belt lining the site boundaries and would be well managed under the considerate contractor and be subject to a Construction Management Plan which would be agreed with the planning authority.