Should you start your own fashion empire?

Should you start your own fashion empire?

Among the most frequent questions we are asked by designers that have just come from style college (at both the bachelor’s and master’s degree ) is: should I start my own company or should I go work for a major fashion house?. In our first article on Fashion Basics, we’ll present the questions that you will need to ask yourself so you can make the perfect decision.

Why do you want to begin your own business?

Here is a reality check: it is not as glamorous as it seems. Imagine finally setting up a meeting with a fashion icon like Anna Wintour and then managing your workers while hoping they do not fall sick and attempting to eat and look after yourself in between. In addition to all that, you worry about making enough money to show some profit from the company for all your hard work. You will eat, breathe and live your business 24/7. If this doesn’t turn you off, then continue reading.

Do you have or can you find the necessary skills, contacts and funding to create a successful fashion business?

You may assume that having finished a design course, there aren’t any skill gaps there. However, the design process in a real business can often feel quite different from that of the design process in college, where you do not need to worry about things aside from the product. The reality is that running a fashion company means creating and following an organised creative process that is right for you and helping other people to work to that as well. One of the terrific things about designers who have worked in a large fashion house is they have seen how other individuals organise themselves. Using a transparent design methodology is imperative to getting the best from your abilities.

If you don’t have this in place today, maybe you might want to spend some time learning from someone else.

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