3 tips for that perfect interview

3 tips for that perfect interview

There are unspoken rules about what to wear and what to avoid at a job interview. To make a good impression when you walk in, you will need to dress the part. Regardless of the job description, it is essential to look professional, which means paying close attention to your attire. Here are a few fashion fails to avoid during your next job interview.

Even if you believe your makeup is very minimal, it may appear overwhelming for your interviewer. You may do your eyebrows but be sure they seem natural. Be certain that you get enough sleep the previous night so that you look refreshed.

Go Easy On The Perfume
It’s a fact that you are what you smell. It is, therefore, essential to have a fresh scent when going for a job interview. But don’t go overboard. Pick a gently scented perfume and instead, concentrate your attention on proper grooming.

Do Not Wear Earphones
This might cut the nervous jitters while relieving your mood. Be sure that you stash them away before you get in the office to avoid being distracted or fumbling with wires as you introduce yourself. It’s not a fantastic look.

Prevent Wrinkly Clothes
For a polished look, ensure that your clothes are well-pressed. Don’t turn up in wrinkly clothes that are visible. When you go to a job interview looking dishevelled, it makes your prospective employer question your preparedness. If needed, purchase some new clothes or have designated clothing put aside just for job interviews.

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